ANDA Vital Eye Crème

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15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.

Eye crème? Eye masque? Eye treatment? YES.

Vital nutrients in Gotu Kola, Persian Silk Tree and Mondo Grass
  • Nutrient-rich emollients and performance botanicals in this multi-function eye crème boost moisture and elasticity to smooth and lift the look of the line-prone eye area.


    • Gotu Kola – combined with four other botanicals in a clinically-proven complex, this extract protects collagen reserves, reinforces capillaries and diminishes dark circles

    • Persian Silk Tree – the first-ever ingredient to demonstrate visible lifting action on sagging upper lids also reduces glycation to combat cellular fatigue and aging

    • Mondo Grass – significantly strengthens and restores the integrity of the skin’s moisture barrier as it protects from external stressors